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Ways to Keep out of Divorce court... be Miserable.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In a short, but very interesting article I recently read, research is showing that men who are happier than their spouse could be heading for divorce. Economists have identified something called the “Happieness Gap”, which state that the bigger the difference between spouses’ satisfaction levels, the greater the risk of a break-up.

The study, which looked at tens of thousands of couples in Britain, Germany, and Australia, found the effect was only seen when the husband felt better about life than his wife. It was also found that the happiness gap widened if wives had to deal with most of the housework, if they had different social backgrounds from their husbands, or if they had higher than average incomes.

An interesting bit of information is that this was not true when couples had similar backgrounds, common religion, if the woman was a housewife, a student or retired. The article recommends that couples who feel there is a gap between both parties happiness, should work on reconciling the gap and bridging it closer together. If you notice that your partner is unhappy make efforts to increase their happiness.

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