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When Divorce is the Better Choice

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read a good article regarding when to evaluate your marriage and determine if divorce may be the best option for you.

The author points out that it is healthy to view a separation as a transformation of love that grew into a different type of relationship. This view of the relationship can be a healthy way to view the marriage so that the couple can move on with the bitterness and anger. Some of the important tips that the writer mentions when evaluating ones marriage:

1. Abuse. When there is outright abuse it is much better to leave. It can be hard to leave, but the act of leaving allows the victim to learn to love themselves and begin the process of healing.

2. Counseling failed. When the parties have tried counseling and it has failed. When a couple has tried a few counselors and it is still not helping to bring the couple back together it is usually a sign that the couple has grown too far apart.

3. You’ve grown apart. The author notes that if after deep reflection you have grown too far apart and can not come together. It is a sign that the large gap may not be closed. The married couple needs to find a way to form a unit, and if the gap is too large the marriage is headed for failure.

4. You can’t find happiness together. The author notes that if you’ve put in the work and your relationship is still feeling empty then it may be a sign that the relationship is over.

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