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Writing Can Help with Current Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read a very interesting article about how writing can assist those who are undergoing a divorce with the emotions of a traumatic experience. The divorce article is linked here.

An important caveat is that you do not want to write publicly when you are in the middle of any litigation. The writings could be used against you. It would be best if writing for personal healing to do so in private in a personal and private journal for your own reflection.

The article mentions that first and foremost the simple act of writing can assist you with organizing your emotions and thoughts. When going through a santa clara county divorce you need to express your emotions to release them.

Secondly, the article mentions that people can better cope and regulate their emotions by putting them into context and then next to deal with them. A very important function in any divorce matter.

Thirdly, the article mentions that the act of opening up about your experiences can make people relate to others and offer solace and friendship without fear of judgment.

The article does mention a very big caveat however which is that you don’t want your ex spouse to get a hold of any of your writings. They could potentially use your writings against you in Court. Therefore It would be very wise to write privately until your litigation is complete and well behind you.

The article mentions the aforementioned warning,” BIG Legal Caveat If you are writing about an ongoing divorce, what you write CAN be used as an admission in court. If fact, electronic evidence in the form of text messages, emails, and social media posts are used in almost every modern divorce case—and a public blog will make finding evidence all the more easy for investigators. You have to assume that everything you write will be printed and presented to the judge in divorce court—so refrain from spouse bashing or any other writing that may adversely impact your divorce. The same goes for active child custody or family support cases.” If there are any legal questions you may have, I encourage you to, please contact my San Jose Divorce Lawyers office. My San Jose Family Lawyer offices assists many people who are going through family law related issues. We have many Affordable San Jose Divorce Lawyer solutions for many different budgets. We help many individuals through this very chaotic period in their life. Proudly serving the following cities, Fremont, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Santa Clara.

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